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Pantheon Ark PvE Server

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Who would play if a server was put up?

  • Main focus is on PvE and roleplay.
  • Full difficulty,
  • Dinos to have 3-4x health and damage resistance.
  • Undecided on map. Crystal Isles? The Island?
  • No flyers??
  • Increase resource harvest and health rates to 6-8x but also increase node respawn time to 60-80x normal.

Any other ideas or suggestions? Server may be up some time next month.

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I’d likely play the server and as such I have a few suggestions, with Dino health and damage resistance I feel like an increase to damage resistance by 3-4x could be a bit high and would probably be better at maybe 2x depending on how the stats are set to improve per level, the health boost is fine but if they were to get more health and were more resistant to damage it would become quite difficult to fight them especially if the wild Dino’s max levels are set quite high. I feel like having no flyers makes the game a bit more challenging and fun in a PvE sense, after all if you can just fly over everything what’s even the point, of course some people may think otherwise. For the map it should really be decided by a poll or just whatever you think would be best, crystal isles may be a fun map especially if doing it without flying tames, but in the end it’s really your decision on what to do. 

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