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Discord Ban Appeal


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Discord: Henmeister-.#0001

Discord ID: 684537359798108182

Why was i banned In my discord status i was advertising . 

Why i should be unbanned?: 

The reason why i was banned i think that it was very unfair, due to the fact that i had in my status me promoting Stuff i sell. You guys could of told me to removed it and i would of happily removed it but insted you guys just banned me without notice. I got told this info by Cryptic in SCPSL.  

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Hello Henmeister

Your appeal is going to be 
Firstly the nature of your ban. Your status was as you said promoting something sell, which was: Third party hacks/exploits/cheats, While I believe you should've been warned about this advertising i'de like to list a few reasons why I'm gonna overlook it

  1. Rule [2] Do not advertise other discords, websites or servers without permission
  2. The time it took you between originally getting unbanned for verbal and racial abuse towards staff/members was 6 days, which has to be some sort of record

I hope that clears that area up a bit.
Furthermore, I'm unsure what is meant by 

1 hour ago, Henmeister_1 said:

I got told this info by Cryptic in SCPSL.  

Is this in regard to the reason you were banned. If so that is impossible, as Cryptic is neither Discord staff nor had any idea why you were banned.
If it was him telling it was ok to advertise, I highly doubt so, and upon asking him about this had no recall of this being the case.

Please do not re-appeal
Neig :)

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