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InvIncabl3's dramatic intro.

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Hello friends, my name is InvIncabl3, also known as either InvIncable, Vince, Cable, Invinky or "That guy who sits in a VC with no one for 3 hours" Am so lonely

I have been around pantheon quite a bit and imo i'm pretty well known. If you don't know me then... HELLO.
I first appeared in pantheon around February of 2019 (Pretty old amirite?)

I was playing SCP:CB long before i found out about SCP:SL and pantheon!

I am a streamer who spends most of my time in a microwave/metal box/caravan!

I am 17, i don't know how old i sound.

My favourite games are: Bloons Tower Defense (Series), Terraria and Plants vs Zombies (Series except for PvZ 2 and Garden Warfare 3)

My favourite consumables are: Lettuce, Cheesy Chicken Bacon Pasta Bake and Sausage rolls.

I am learning education 4 days a week and going to a V.E.T course every Wednesday (I'm learning Game art and Animation)

Now if you would excuse me, i will now proceed to have multiple panic attacks, over a short period of time... haha am has anxiety...

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