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Minirow's Introduction


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Hello. I am a really new member of the community and I doubt anyone knows me. I come from another community which you can join at https://discord.gg/Pantheon. Here's a basic bit of info about me. I like music, voice acting and getting involved with online communities. IRL I just hang out with friends and study at a random IT course, but somehow manage to remain super active on Discord without even realising it? This may come as a shock to you, but I'm also a very out-doorsy and active person. Haha.

Originally I was going to make a video to introduce myself, and I may if enough people are interested and I get bored, but it seems pretty pointless for now. I was also going to copy and paste my usual generic intro, but apparently I don't have one saved anymore.


Heya, my name's Robin... I'm a pretty boring person tbh. I enjoy editing and voice acting as hobbies. Just finished high school a few days ago and I'm a gamer (kinda). Ehmmmm.... I have 2 dogs and love photography too? My favorite colour is pink... I'm trying to introduce myself and feel like I'm failing horribly. XD

There's an old one I rushed on Discord.

My DMs are usually open unless I've recently been spammed by bots, in which case just add me. Also, as much as I enjoy gaming, I've had a lot less time lately so it's usually best to arrange a time with me. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy having normal conversations with people and not just strings of memes/sarcasm. Oh, and my favorite kind of humour is dark humour. Now, one last quote from another thread where I tried to introduce myself lmao. (Yes, I really am that lazy.)




  • I love long distance cycling.
  • I used to do computer repairs and loved doing it (god dammit I just saw Stig replied)..
  • For the past few years, my parents have had a policy of not feeding me so I get experience taking care of myself.
  • (I joke about this one a lot but don't know if people take me seriously) I'm bi.
  • I love interior design!



- Lots of love

Grandfather of Jimmy Joe Billy Bob, cousin of Johnny Joe Billy Jimbo Bob.

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