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Ducky's Ban Appeal: Pantheon Servers Edition

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Name: Ducky.
SteamID64: 76561198397846817
DiscordID64: Ducky.#8823
Server: Pantheon Server #1 (banned on all pantheon servers except official)

What was the reason for your ban?: Excessive ear-rape, only brief but still ignored my verbal. (this ban info was the same as Levin's ban)
How Long was the duration of the ban?: Until 29/04/21 4:59:10pm
Who were you banned by?: Unknown

Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I'm appealing this due to i may have been caught in fire from someone being banned, however although the "brief" interval is correct, i don't think "ear-raping" is correct, Levin was banned because of that because his soundboard produced a loud sound 0.3 seconds after he played something. This loud sound doesn't happen to my soundpad so i don't know if i was incorrectly banned, or caught in the crossfire.
another reason why i'm appealing this is because i was banned without being directly sent to the infamous tower, and hadn't received a kick or a ban before in the Pantheon Servers, but have in the Official Server, from what i know the procedure goes Warning 1 > Warning 2 > Kick > Ban 1 Day > Ban 3 Days (this procedure applied in Official) however this didn't apply for me, as i was banned without getting a warning (i did get warned but that was like 5 months ago when i did the server room bug where SCP-173 would get anticheated.) 
Because this procedure didn't apply to my ban, i feel like my ban should be reconsidered if i was actually correctly banned, because my soundpad volume is quite low and from my last ban appeal i did adjust my sound volume alot lower than my orignal soundpad volume (screenshot provided below)

If my ban if correct, i'll wait out for the ban since 72hrs isn't long, however i'm just appealing seeing as i'm thinking if i was caught in the crossfire with Levin's ban, however if my ban was incorrect, at least consider this my 1st or 2nd warning on the Pantheon Servers if that 5 month ago warning doesn't/does get considered as well.

Screenshot context: This is my current soundpad volume for 
all sounds, and has been like that for quite awhile, althrough some sounds may be louder then its supposed to be.


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Hi Ducky, I am going to be declining your appeal today based off the following reasons:

  • I caught you earlier today playing extremely loud sounds through your mic and told you to stop which you did. Therefore your point on last being warned 5 months ago is false.
  • We operate Pantheon and Official, if you're repeating the same mistakes, we're going to crack down on you regardless of which server you were previously punished on.
  • I do not believe you were caught in the cross-fire and judging off your heroundous history on both Pantheon and Official, I really see no reason to accept this appeal.
  • As a decent amount of effort has been put into this appeal, I will however reduce the ban to 1 day. 

I hope that you can learn from this Ducky as some people are getting a bit sick of your loud soundboard spam.

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