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I won't submit another appeal


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I was perma banned on all pantheon servers for advertising and getting players to join a server i was not intentionally breaking the rules (personally thinks permanently banning a player is unfair when they didn't realize they were breaking this rule) and I'd like to give you the chance to rectify this ban. I've played with sky on pantheon recently and I hope that you can see I've made an effort not to call people bad so if you wanna get rid of the 2 week ban on official that'd be great too. I also did apologize on discord for my actions as I didn't realize I upset some people. Look it's up to you to lift the perma ban and I hope we all can enjoy the game. 

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Judging by the fact we have seen proper evidence of you trying to invite an entire lobby within our server to "your friends private server where he can do any events" I think its safe to say you most definitely broke advertising rules. You also failed to follow the appeal format.

Since you are adamant you didn't here is the rule (  Do not advertise without permission from a manager to do so. ) 

You don't need to appeal in the future, it will be declined like this one.

We hope you find a more fitting community that will accept your behaviours and that you learn that this rule is very much a standard rule in just about ANY community.


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