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Ban Appeal


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Name: Blitz
SteamID64 (if applicable): 
DiscordID (if applicable): Blitz#3111
Server: Pantheon scp:SL

What was the reason for your ban?: inapropriate jokes towards staff
How long was the duration of the ban?: 1 year
Who were you banned by?: I forgot their name

Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I know what i did was wrong and im sorry for taking a joke to far, i should never make jokes like i did and wont in the future. im sorry and i accept my actions were wrong, i would like to enjoy playing with my friends again as im struggling to find fun while at home during the holidays. Furthermore i believe i should be unbanned because of the duration of the ban and no prior notice/ warning of the ban.

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i dont think i did it right
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  • Blitz changed the title to Ban Appeal

Sorry to inform you the ban will remain, sexual harassment especially when people outright tell you to stop and your final response about it when i confronted you publically about it was "Don't be a snowflake". Sexual harassment is a serious case 

This ban will remain permanently. Please try and find a new community because it definitely isn't going to be here again.


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