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Discord Ban Appeal

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Name:ExPort Gaming
SteamID64 (if applicable): 76561198451635111
DiscordID (if applicable): 518284181030043650
Server: Discord Server

What was the reason for your ban?: Being toxic and starting drama/arguments.
How long was the duration of the ban?: Permanent.
Who were you banned by?: Robin, I think.

Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: The only way to report people now, is via the ModBot in the discord server. Reporting via the Player list no longer works. I want to be able to report people, and I have also changed a lot since my original ban.

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Not only were you being toxic, spamming, advertising your SL server and starting drama/arguments, but you are also under the age of 13, per a requirement of Discord's Terms of Service

Hence why this appeal is being denied.  Feel free to find a community that tolerates your behaviour and you breaking Discord's set terms because at no point in time will this ban be lifted.

In regards to reporting players, you can do so here on the forums as well.

~ Lunch

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