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Pantheon Discord Server Appeal

Oliver Rowe

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Name: Secrucial#2424
SteamID64 (if applicable): 
DiscordID (if applicable): Secrucial#2424

What was the reason for your ban?: Being Underage.
How long was the duration of the ban?: Permanent  
Who were you banned by?: I do not know.

Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I was using a voice changer known as "Clownfish Voice Changer" To make my voice sound like an 8 year old in the VC. I am only just over the age of 13 which is above the Discord TOS and believe I should not have been banned for using a Voice changer. In the vc I stated it was a voice changer than made jokes saying I was born in 2014 etc. Which is false as I am born in early 2007. I truly hope this appeal is accepted and I get let back into the Pantheon Discord Server. 

Thank you, Sincerely Secrucial.

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Hey Secrucial,

Few things are wrong with this appeal.

Firstly, you didn't provide a proper DiscordID.

Secondly, I was the one that banned you for being underage, as video footage was provided, showing you admitted to being underage. I've also heard you speak in SCPSL and it is no different to this "voice changer" you claim you have.

Thirdly, as it goes against Discord's ToS, I'm going to be keeping this ban here. If you do desire to come back in a year or two, feel free to appeal then. Until then, this stays here.


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