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Discord Ban Appeal


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Discord: Henmeister-.#0001

Discord ID: 684537359798108182

Why was i banned: In my Discord status i had a link advertising my website 

I'm just going to put this here that i did get permission from sky to re appeal via dms

When i firstly was reading over the Discord Server rules i didn't see anything regarding "Cant have links in you're status" so i then had my website in my status. I then never got told about this and got banned. I have since then removed my status and just have a pepe emoji as my emoji . I never knew this was wrong and never would do it again. I am honestly trying to make a change in myself and my behaviour because when i first tried out the Game SCP i just thought it was fun to mess around but been playing the game for about 3-4 months it has been very enjoyable and i love this community with my heart as its such a nice community and everyone helps out each other. I feel like i derisive another chance at being in the discord community and i promise i wont fuck up. Its been well over 4  months since my discord ban and thats why i am coming here to appeal as i feel like i have properly changed and wanna be apart of this community!


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