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Minirow Based Appeal


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Name: Minirow
SteamID64 (if applicable):
DiscordID (if applicable): 707097320541650975
Server: Pantheon

What was the reason for your based?: I'm built different
How long was the duration of the based?: 58 days.
Who were you based on?: Based on a true story.

Why do you believe you should be unbased?: I don't, lmao. Seethe and cope.

Henlo pepol. My name is minrw and im new to Panten. I like making frens and being happy and making people happy and happiness. 


It's only been 58 days since I left, but I'm back again baybee. I'm 18, English and do sound/graphic design as a hobby along with cinematography and post production. I've been editing for about 10 years, and like to work on random projects every now and again. There's not too much point in me doing a proper introduction, since most of the active members here are the same as they were before. So yeah. Intro done... You can go now.

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Hey Minirow,

First off, you meet the requirements, which is good to see

Your application

It is quick lacking all the way through, with a lot of missed potential and other sorts, I would like to see more of this

Since you have only been not there for 58 days, I recommend waiting longer to get more well known in the community

Final verdict

Due to these issues, you shall be receiving a -2, try get more involved in the community and put more effort into you application


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