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Ban appeal for AU Official

Creme Br没l茅e

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Server: AU Official聽

what was the reason for you ban?: excessively loud mic spam during a match聽
how long is the duration of the ban?: 1 week I'm pretty sure聽
who were you banned by?: I don't know聽

Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I understand my first two bans I received, because I broke some of the rules but the ban I got given today confused me because I didn't even get warned that my music was too loud, I thought it was to an appropriate level because I've never had issues with micspamming in game before and people enjoy some of the things I play聽and I do it almost every day I do play scp: secret lab.聽聽But I've never been on the receiving end of my micspam so I don't really know how loud it is or how bad it can be sometimes but I'll try my best to be more on top of it now, I don't really mind if I get unbanned or not, I'd just want a want a warning of some kind for when I'm loud

sorry for making your morning loud with doomslayer man <3

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Your history has been pretty bad with micspam so I'm inclined to leave this where it is.

Please be mindful in the future to control how loud and frequent you do play noise of any kind, whether it comes from you or a soundboard you use.

I also want to remind you that in the Appeal Template, that it says SteamID64 and DiscordID . You provided your Steam link to your profile which was not what was asked for. If you needed help in converting your id to SteamID64, you can use a converter and then paste that in.

- Gandling.

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