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Majakas ban appeal


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Name: Majaka
SteamID64 (if applicable):76561199086098093
DiscordID (if applicable):forg#7332
Server:AU official

What was the reason for your ban?:Ban evasion/vpn use
How long was the duration of the ban?:50 years
Who were you banned by?:Im not sure

Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I was not evading a ban and i think the reason i got banned was becasue i was using geforce now. sorry about my last appeal i didnt see the template

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If you attempted to read your last appeal's response at all... 


This issue persists with another person using Nvidia GeForce NOW on a mutual IP with you and is out of our hands. Although your account technically wasnt banned, the ban is applied to someone else who we intend on keeping banned thus not revoking it. You would have to make some sort of compromise on your end to be able to rejoin our servers.


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