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Ban appeal

gaming time

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Name: gaming time

discord goon#3968

Server: Pantheon 1

What was the reason for your ban?:  Earrape, Excessive mic spam 


I was banned not to long ago for excessive mic spam, and I feel the consequence of being permanently banned was way to harsh, let me explain why.

1. No clear warnings: The mod that banned me was not clear with me or anyone else that was mic spamming, the people over at Kitchen Island are great because they are clear with the warnings by taking you to a moderator room and discussing with the player. Over at these servers, there's not clear communication with the mod, it's just some random guy that just tells you to stop with no indication that they are a mod. No first or second warning, just telling you to stop over and over again, that could be any annoying player.

2. Loud mic?: Trust me, I've checked my mic, and I'm pretty sure its not loud at all. Checked for myself in settings, seems good, checked with my mates on discord, seems good, went to kitchen island and the official server, seems good. Why is it in your server, it's the loudest thing you have ever heard?

3. Even if you think the 2 points above me are invalid, understand me on this one. You're going to ban me forever for just playing some sound effects? And it's because I played them in intermission and vc, not even ear rape or full 2 minute songs or an annoying high pitch sounds. I get banned because of a couple of bruh sound effects.

Just at least let me be in your server again. I try to respect you mods and the the rules you guys set as best as I can, just try to be a little less harsh and more clear with us players.


gaming time

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