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An Introduction to Chaos

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Good evening people of Pantheon,

I've never really been one for forum posting other than my ban appeals, but I think an introduction to who I really am would be a good idea.

I am a reasonably old member of Pantheon dating back to late 2019/early 2020 and played for a good portion of time before disappearing due to bans or life getting in the way, now playing the game every so often when I get the chance to. Many of you who have played by my side on the servers know me as quite the chaotic shitposter, often making jokes, getting angry for a laugh, poking the limits of rules but overall trying to entertain the people around me. In reality I am, 19 years old, I work in sales and warehousing five days a week as well as working for a mowing company every second Saturday. I have also been acting in theatre for 12 years, only deciding to pursue acting as a career in 2018, since then appearing in 10 productions and recently making my first step into film as an extra for a movie. 

I appreciate you reading a bit more about me and I look forward to causing a little chaos with you all in game!

Cheers, Wilfred.

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