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Ban Appeal for acting like a BOT too convincingly.


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(UserName: Bampa) at the time of ban username was [BOT] Pantheon NavMesh | TEST

STEAMID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198097638612/

DISCORD ID: Bampa #2377

All servers

Reason: "use of software to move automatically".

Duration: 22/07/2072 (70 years! ill be in a grave by then).

Who banned: I think it was a staff member but I could have been an auto ban. doesn't say.


My side of the story: I thought up of a troll that would be funny. if I named Username '[BOT] Pantheon NavMesh | TEST' and walk around like a NPC using macros to turn perfect right angles and to walk into walls and loop around tables to convince other players that I was a legit NPC and used a soundboard to say generic lines like "FOLLOW ME!" and "SCP SPOTTED". and it worked! people in voice chat said 'no human can turn with that much precision' and 'WHOA hang on that's a bot!'. anyways pantheon is the only AUS servers with players that have low ping. if there is a reason to ban me it was that I wasted 2 SCP slots. thanks for your time.

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