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Discord Appeal 2.


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Name: Mr. Bungle.
SteamID64 (if applicable): 76561198994058115
DiscordID (if applicable):  805691789222215690
Server: Discord.

What was the reason for your ban/mute?: Pestering a server member.
How long was the duration of the ban/mute?: Indefinite.
Who were you banned/muted by?: Unsure.

Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?:

I believe I should be unbanned from the Pantheon Discord as I have served an apt amount of time for the actions I committed. I have been banned for circa 3 months and since then I have reflected on my actions and reformed my behaviour. I would also like to be unbanned as the Discord was one of my main ways of communicating with fellow players and reporting rule breakers on the SL Servers. What I said was unacceptable and the behaviour I displayed will not return if unbanned. I believe in second chances and to be given one would be very much appreciated.


- Sincerely Mr. Bungle. 



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