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I took my meds and now I'm disappearing

Zombie Wilfred

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Hello everyone, Schizophrenic Community here,

In all seriousness though, this will be my final post for the foreseeable future, as come the end of Friday the 30th of September, 2022, I will be leaving Pantheon. With the significantly increasing workload, bigger steps towards set goals to enter the professional screen acting field, loss of interest in the online scene and making more time to hangout with irl people, I have decided that the time has come for me to step out of this great community.

Now I know I haven't always been the greatest presence in this community, being quite the trouble causer for a good portion of 2020 and 2021, I hope I have been able to leave at least a little bit of a better image of myself thanks to Wubble and the team giving me the great opportunity to work in the community staff role. I am also so happy to have met so many of the incredible shitposters, funny mother fuckers, kings and all around legends; Tails, Growly, Neig, Apprentice, Wubble, Camo, Luca, Shred, Seljak, Long Inch, Vinny, Trex, Spooky, Wryyy, Slurpps, Beese, Ceapbh, Logistic, Vil, Magnet, Buddy and Encvy. That is nowhere near everyone but that is just the most recent people I've talked to that I can note down without posting a 7 book long fuckin harry potter series worth. I also don't mention Stell in this list because we're the same cunt anyway. Cunt.

I also didn't mention Sky here because I wanted to say an extra special thank you to him. Thank you Sky for all the chances you gave me to better myself within Pantheon over the years, I know sometimes it may have seemed like I didn't care about them but they did make me second guess my actions a lot and eventually helped me build the foundation to better myself and refine who I was online. I also want to thank you for the phenomenal work you do on everything within this community, and that also goes to all the hard working SL and Comm staff team who're retired and/or current. The work you all have put in is so very appreciated and the community you all have built is something to be so so proud of!

That being said, thank you everyone for the amazing fuckin memories and laughs over the years, it's been fun. Now lets just hope I don't absolutely fuck this final event I'll be hosting on Friday... Who am I kidding, you mfs know me, and I expect a higher grade of bullying when I do, cause this schizo cunts going down swinging. 

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It is with great sorrow that I bring forth this tragic news of absence from the existence of your presence in the online world.

We’re gonna miss you Wilfred. <3 :(

Good luck in continuing your acting career! I hope to see you on Netflix one day - if that’s what you’re pursuing. 

Just make sure to continue doxxing Stell in any way possible. :)

Writing to you, I am drenched in an ocean of tears, sincerely;

- the least racist person you know 

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