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Discord Ban Appeal: Splod1ng


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Name: Splod1ng
DiscordID: Splod1ng#9313 or 509213601349763082
Server: Discord

What was the reason for your ban/mute?: Repetitive behavior of unwanted stuff (I cant remember the specifics but I know I was fairly annoying)
How long was the duration of the ban/mute?: Infinite
Who were you banned/muted by?: I was not informed as to who banned me.

Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?:

This ban was almost two years ago and since then I have moved on with my life, started other hobbies and just gone out into the world doing a lot more irl things. However, every so often I still like to play some SCP: Secret Lab and your server, pantheon has been the most welcoming community with the best settings and the fact that staff on the whole are so great. I without a doubt understand if you choose to deny this appeal due to past behavior being repetitive. But in my own opinion having left this appeal for 2 years, in that time my attitude towards communities and conversations in general have changed a lot, I also believe that a second chance may be appropriate in my instance since I have matured quite a lot since the incident. In the time before my discord ban I was very active in the community, one of the reasons why I loved the community so much was that they were very talkative and compassionate with the games that were offered. I remember quite a while ago that you used to run a minecraft server, one in which I was very involved with. Unfortunately my ban was at the same time, but if you look at my profile I had done quite a lot with it.

I want to thank whoever reads this appeal and hope that with either decision the best of luck with your future endevours.



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