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Pantheon Community - Discord Invite Background Competition


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Server Invite Background Competition (Discord)

Hey it's about time we spice up the discord invite background, so we ask you to make some art to do so. Use your creativity to create a new background for the invite by either drawing, photoshopping, taking photos or any other way you might make your art. 


  1. No Joke Submissions.

  2. Only 1 entry per participant.

  3. Submissions must be Safe For Work.

  4. Submissions must be original works.

  5. Please ensure that submissions are related to Pantheon.


  1. Banner to be used for 2023.

  2. $25 dollar gift card.

  3. Custom Role for 3 months.

Design Brief

  1. A channel in discord will be made where submissions can be sent

  2. The main requirement is that the image size is 1920x1080. Discord accepts JPG and PNG files.

  3. Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  4. The server invite itself is an upright rectangular in-window pop-up in the middle of the window, so make sure key parts of your image aren't covered up by the pop-up

  5. We recommend not using text in it the Server Invite Background.

  6. Server Invite Backgrounds cannot animate/be a GIF.

  7. The winning banner will be chosen by the Owner and management team, though community reactions may influence choice.

  8. Reference image attached below.





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