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My Introduction

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You guys have most likely heard of me or seen me before as I am pretty active nowadays but I thought I should make one of these because why not.

I'm jay, I joined Pantheon on the 5th of January 2021 but I played on Pantheon servers for a while before I joined the discord. If you probably don't remember me its because I had on and off periods of activity inside Pantheon and different names.

I like Italian and Mexican food 

I'm currently 16, living in Perth (which is better than Queensland)

I'm Polish and Belgian. But I can't speak polish very well.

I enjoy Basketball.

I also enjoy Soccer, but I don't follow it besides the World Cup.

I love this community and I've met some really cool people here and made some awesome friendships and I intend to stay for a very long time this time. 

Edit: Currently staff for pantheon and I'm loving it. :pepeheart:

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