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Pyrex's ban appeal


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Name: Pyrex
SteamID64 (if applicable): 76561198219351924
Server: SCP [AU] Pantheon Servers #1

What was the reason for your ban/mute?: Alt account/Don't know
How long was the duration of the ban/mute?: Perm
Who were you banned/muted by?: I cannot remember but I believe it was a trial moderator 

Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?: unreasonable perm ban 

I joined the server and was playing music through my microphone at a reasonable level in game and then I get kill this trial moderator ingame he brings me to spectator chat and threatens to mute me for a "unreasonably loud mic spam"(which it certainly was not) and before I can ask if there is a legitimate cause for this he mutes me. So i log onto my alt account to question him why he muted me he starts laughing and says he is going to perm ban me for using an alt account when i was trying to do was understand why he actually muted me or at least how long i was muted for.

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Hey Pyrex I will be removing the permanent ban. However, you will be given a 2 week ban instead. Alting is highly against our servers rules especially when using it to evade a punishment. Along with this your toxic attitude towards the staff member when he asked you to turn down the volume is something you should reflect on during the ban period.

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