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Ban Appeal

MK Evil

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Name: Crumbles

DiscordID: Crvmbles#2528

Sever: SCP:SL Pantheon Servers

Reason for ban:

Racist comments/voices after being warned of permanent removal from the community

Duration of ban: 11/03/2073

Banned by: I do not recall.

Why I believe I should be unbanned:

I deeply regret my use of inappropriate comments, and I want to apologize for the harm they may have caused. I now realize that my attempt at humour, which was intended to be ironic, was not appropriate and did not consider the potential impact on others. I want to acknowledge that I have never received any pre-emptive warnings from moderators regarding my behaviour. I understand now that the Pantheon community does not appreciate this type of humour, and I should have respected that and adjusted my behaviour accordingly while engaging in the game. I fully acknowledge that my actions were inappropriate, and I genuinely apologize for any distress or discomfort I may have caused. Moving forward, I will make a conscious effort to refrain from making such jokes and ensure that my interactions within the community are respectful and considerate. I deeply regret any instances where I may have upset or offended anyone, and I am committed to learning from this experience to become a better member of the Pantheon community. Once again, I sincerely apologize for my actions and any negative impact they may have had. Thank you for your understanding.

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