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Most Regretful Moment

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You know we all do mistakes. We all have done very very very stupid mistakes in the past and are most of the time very ashamed of it.

It's best to just acknowledge those mistakes, regardless of how dumb they could be.

Have a short post on what's you regret the most during your time on Planet Earth, it could be IRL or on the Internet.

Tell the story down in the comments and have other people laugh at you congratulate you for your bravery.


As for me...

1. Banner of Shame.




Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. This used to be what I had as a youtube channel banner. 12 year old me thought it was cool and hip. Now I'm here wondering what sort of demon possessed me 4 years ago.


2. Oh what happened here?


Oh, what happened here? This is a forum I used to be on. It was a sort of community for Minecraft people and I have been a part of that community for a questionable amount of time. As you can see from my 2866 posts and 2223 reputation points, and my 8 warning points  I was quite an active member of that community, and I regret half of my time there. The other half was actually pretty nice and got to meet cool people.


Now have fun.


That'll do.

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20 minutes ago, Jesus Christ said:

Oh I remember I was searched up on google x3j50 and I found his Minecraft server and told him about it. What about the about me?

What's your point


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I used to have a Minecraft lets play channel when I was 10

I think I have lost my dignity from just stating that to the public

cough cough

ok moving on

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