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Jarayne's Staff app


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In-game name: Kiyon (JarayneXD).
Discord name: Jarayne#9040.
Age: 15.

How long have you been playing Minecraft for?:  Since the 29th of April 2013.
How often can you play?: Every day from when I get home.
Where are you located?: Australia (NSW).
Have you ever donated to support us?: No.
Do you have previous experience, if so, what?: I have been staff on a number of servers, Helper on a pixelmon server(Still running), jr mod on a factions server(No longer running), and helper on another factions server (No longer running).

A player lost all his items during a raid, possibly through the items becoming un-pickable. How would you handle this situation?: Ask them if they had proof of the items and would check if they aren't trying to scam to try and get more items, if they meet the requirements I would ask a higher up if it would be cool and act from there.
A player has deemed to be possibly exploiting or lagging the server. How would you handle this situation?: I would watch them in vanish for a few minutes and check if they are doing anything suspicious, if they are I will give them a suitable punishment.
There is an argument going on in the server and it is going too far. How would you control this situation?; I would first ask them to calm down, and if they continue to argue I would mute them both.

What do you believe moderators are responsible for?: Helping players when they need it, monitoring the chat, and banning hackers when needed.
How do you believe you can assist the Pantheon Community grow?: By assisting with staffing so players would have someone extremely active to help them out when needed.

Do you agree that you're required to attend all staff meetings, actively respond to reports, play for a minimum of four days a week, and never abuse your commands?: Yes

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- New to the community

- Answers to questions are rather lacking.

Verdict, I feel you need to put more thought into answering your questions also but your really new to the server, and from what i've gathered a little immature. For that I am giving a -1


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