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Hidekane's Art Commissions

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Hi Everyone, 

I just wanted to let you know that I am available for commissions. Here are the available prices, I've taken the liberty of doing the conversion between CAD and AUD since most of you use that currency.

Commission prices:
   Full Body: CAD $12 (AUD $12.80)
   Half Body (bust): CAD $7 (AUD $7.45)
   Head (PFP): CAD $3 (AUD $3.21)
Flat Color:
   Full Body: CAD $25 (AUD $26.70)
   Half Body (bust): CAD $15 (AUD $16.00)
   Head (PFP): CAD $5 (AUD $5.35)
All (Shading, Shining, ETC.):
   Full Body: CAD $35 (AUD $37.85)
   Half Body (bust): CAD $25 (AUD $26.70)
   Head (PFP): CAD $10 (AUD $10.65) 

Due to the high request in ANIMATED images, I will be charging an extra $5* for animated images. 
(subject to change depending on length of animation)

Backgrounds: FREE! 
+1 Character: CAD $20 (AUD $21.35) (increase with each character on same canvas) (individual canvas is full price)
Here are some examples of the art that I do:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFA3reJ3GdU - Cold Steel Speed Paint Commission vid ( I swear it was only for the memes)
$75 (AUD $80.05) for YT Speed Paint video (don't know why you'd want one but here is a random price idk)

No Machinery* (It's just difficult to draw, but we can discuss it further if you need to.)
Commissions may take up to 2 weeks to complete so please stay patient. Please be specific in what you want and if you have any further questions, do not be afraid to ask me :D
PENDING COMMISSIONERS ~~ Meaning that the wait time may be longer (I'll keep this updated)
CoolkibKakadu, the Slime (x2)
DeShoitOne (x2)
SpookySpazo (x2)
Logitar (x2)


Commission prices too high? learn how to get up to 40% OFF commission prices!!

Need more examples? Check out my Deviant Art! 
Just DM me on discord (Hidekane#0297)


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23 hours ago, Long Inch of Love said:

lucky i got mine in before you started charging :>

you're just on an IOU....don't worry, i'm sending people....

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