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Lusty Argonian

Pantheon Meme Competition

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Pantheon Community - Meme Competition


Have you ever wanted to brag about how much of a great memester you are? Well now's your chance! Show us your greatest meme skillz by creating an original meme and posting it to the competition channel on our discord server. Winners will be chosen by the community staff team. Members from the community may also up vote entries to influence our decisions!

The 1st place winner will receive the Pantheon Memester role on the discord server for a month & will also receive a Steam Gift Card valued at $50. The second and third place winners will receive a $25 Steam Gift Card & $10 Steam Gift Card.

The competition will start on the 4th August and run till September 4th.

How to Submit

Join our discord server and post your entry into the #competition-entries channel.

Competition Rules

  • Entries are limited to two per person. Only one entry may win.
  • Please use common sense when deciding the content of your memes and ensuring they are SFW.
  • Do not use your memes as a form of harassment towards other members of the Pantheon.
  • Do not steal other memes and post them as your own. Original content only.
  • Do not post anything other than submissions in #competition-entires.
  • You can use any meme format you like.
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