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Many Dots

Aaand, with 1000 forums members, it's about time I made one of these ;D

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Howdy everyone!

My name's Three Dots on steam, Many Dots on discord, but those are just formalities, you can call me Dots!

I'm from Western Sydney, NSW, and outside of video games, I've got a knack for Rubik's Cubes, D&D, and all things drama. (I'm also still at school (year 11, woo), and am loving drama and.. kinda loving maths, physics, and engineering.)

Inside of video games, I'm loving it here at Pantheon. I may be the younger end of the staff team, but I try not to show it - and I'm always ready to help out, if anyone needs anything, my DMs are open for ya! :P I love my video games, Minecraft being an old favourite, but I'm always ready to play something old or new, with friends or strangers.

But, anyways, I'm sure you've seen me around before, and I'm sure you'll see me around lots more! 

Feel free to hit up my DMs for questions, or just a chat, and I hope you all enjoy your time here,

Three Dots...

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How many dots, though?

There's many, there's three and then there's... TOO MANY!


Hi Dots. Never seen you before, >:D

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