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Introduction Time?

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Figured I should make one of these, since I haven't already
I'm Valkjrye! (Yes, I know it's spelled weird, it's pronounced valkyrie) I've been with the SCP:SL mod team for a little over 2 months now, and it's been pretty great. SCP:SL's community is by far the best thing about it, and has kept me hooked. I'm in WA, moving to Victoria sometime at the end of the year. I moved over here about 8-9 years ago from England, I was born in Scotland but raised in Oxfordshire with an Irish-Scottish family. Kinda explains my odd (sort of vague) accent.

I'm mostly a nolife who plays games and draws stuff, and I guess I'm a closet furry now? I guess it was only a matter of time..
My DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/valkjrye

Always feel free to message me! I'm a big supporter of LGBTQ+, especially since I'm bi myself. I hope I can help people feel more comfortable here, and I'm always here if anyone needs help with the server or just general support. Being female, I've helped a few women feel comfortable and accepted in Pantheon, I don't bite <3

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I learn more and more about you each time I see you. It's great!

Once you get to know Valk, she's pretty chill. Don't let her avatar intimidate you. ;)

Glad you made one o' these! :D

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19 hours ago, Free Lunch said:

What are your thoughts on SCP-939?

a very badly trained dog >:(( still a good boy though

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