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Pantheon Christmas Competition

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Pantheon Community - Christmas Emoji Competition


It's Crimbus time and we're back with another emoji competition! If you haven't guessed by now, it's going to be Christmas themed! Entries will be limited to two per person, and cannot be deleted and/or replaced. Do not post your emoji until you are confident with it. Entries must be SFW and can only be posted in the #competition-entries channel. Please keep this channel as entries only and do not flood it with anything else. We expect entries to be original, related to Pantheon or our core games, with a tied in Christmas theme.

This competition will run from the 2nd of December to the 15th of December, where the Community Staff will select our favourite emojis to add to the discord, and rank them from 1-6. The community can vote on their favourite emojis, with a tick or a cross, but this will not be the deciding factor. If you choose create two entries, only one can be placed in the top 3 winners.

1st place winner will receive a Steam gift card valued at $20 and a unique role of their choosing on the Discord. 2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive a Steam gift card valued at $20, and the Pantheon's Little Helper role. 4th-6th winners will only recieve the role. All winners will have their emojis added to the Discord.

How to submit

Join our discord server and post your entry into the #competition-entries channel.

Competition Rules

  • Only 2 entries per person in total.
  • Entries may not be deleted and replaced. Do not post your emoji until you are confident with it.
  • Only entries are to be posted in the competition channel (no comments or explanations regarding your post).
  • Entries must be related to Pantheon, or our core games , tied in with a Christmas theme.
  • All entries must be SFW.
  • Original content only!

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