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Pantheon Community - Talent Show Competition

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                   Pantheon Community - Talent Show Competition


Its finally time for you to be able to prove just how talented you are to the rest of the Pantheon Community! From the 20th - 27th of february there will be a signing up period, so take your time to figure out exactly what talent you want to show off and how you're going to execute it. On the 29th of February we will notify and bring everyone into a voice room to begin the competition. Everyone who participates will recieve the role Quite Talented whilst our 1st place winner will earn a custom discord role of their choosing, alongside a $25 dollar steam card. 2nd and 3rd place will both recieve a $10 steam gift card.

Competitors will be scored out of 40 with our 3 judges scoring out of 10. The audience will also be scoring out of 10 through a straw poll, any ties for the top 3 positions will be decided by a community vote.

Competition Rules

  • Nothing over 5 minutes.
  • Nothing that goes against Pantheon’s Rules and Discord TOS for instance nsfw or excessively offensive/hateful content.
  • Acts must be completed alone and without cooperation from other contestants.
  • Only one act per person.
  • Content must be at an appropriate volume.
  • Up Vote 2
  • Artistic 1
  • Late 1

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