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Jokes on you

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Hi all,


Just realised that you just know me as Joker the Admin probably that's it. 
Haven't really introduced myself so better later then never

My name is Joker a.k.a Jamie

Born in Raised in New Zealand and lived most of my life there both in the North Island and the South. 
Recently Moved to Australia at the end of 2016.
I live in Brisbane for the time being until i find something better until then this is home for me. 

Age is *^$$$%&&

Occupation : Scaffolder / Roofer / Office worker / I.T / General Handy man

I am from a family of 6 including my pops and ma
Two older brothers and one younger sister which makes me child number Three.

background is that i am from a very mixed family. 
Samoan Maori Chinese and European English. 

I can speak up to 4 languages but not always fluent as it is hard to come by people that speak the same language

All in all im just a really chilled out guy who loves to game and socialize whether it be here or online.

hope to see you all out there


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