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Respond to the "wish" above you in a way that ruins it!
Try and make the wish ruining at least a sentence.
Then afterwards, make a wish yourself at the end of your post!




Bob: I wish I could fly!

Sean: Granted, but only for 3 seconds at a time.
I wish I had a life time supply of chocolate!

Phil: Granted, but you eat so many you get sick of it and can never get rid of it!
I wish I had pizza right now...


I'll start with the first wish!

I wish I had super powers!

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Granted but its the king from Shrek 2 after he turns into Phrog. He coughs and begs for food and water all day confused because he also has Alzheimer's. 

I wish that there was an advanced VR system like in ready player one in real life.

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4 hours ago, Gandling said:

Granted, but only for an hour, causing suspicion within BattlEye resulting in a permaban.

I wish to never gain weight.

Jokes on you Mordhau doesn't use battleye

Granted but you teleport back home every 2 minutes

I wish that this thread didn't exist

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