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Hello lads, my name is Heinzrich Beanler, you probably have encountered me for my shenanigans on the Pantheon Discord server, SCP-SL and for the boomers SCP Breach on gmod back in 2017. I've been on Pantheon Servers since mid-2019.

I am 18 years old and I like to be in extreme weather conditions such as a heatwave, supercell storm, frigid temperatures, etc. The first time I saw rain I was two years old since I used to live in a drought stricken place, 

My interests and hobbies comprise of:
Learning and Discovering Philosophical ideas to determine it's effectiveness on society's efficiency 
Thinking of Alternative outcomes of history and everything and look on how different the world can be those outcomes were to pass
Collecting Stuff
Surfing the web for random shit

The games I tend to enjoy fit into these genres and will show my favourites within those genres:
Shooter -  Halo MCC and Destiny 2
Strategy - HOI4 and Stellaris
Chill Survival - Minecraft and Terraria
RPG - The Dark Souls Franchise
Mystery - Town of Salem and SCP SL
Horror - SCP-SL and Slendytubbies 3

Well that's it for me for my introduction I believe, it's about time I came to Pantheon Forums.

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